GDPR for Scrappey

Effective Date: 1st of May 2023

Scrappey and the GDPR


Scrappey is a data processor based in the European Union and is subject to the regulations of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). We are fully compliant with the GDPR requirements.

Scrappey acts as a data processor, processing internet data on behalf of our customers. We have implemented procedures to honor the "right to be forgotten" as mandated by the GDPR. Upon request, we promptly delete a customer's data. We retain data for trial customers and canceled customers until they specifically request its deletion. The sole purpose of retaining such data is to allow customers to reactivate their accounts whenever they desire.

After account deletion, the only customer data we retain long-term is the information necessary to fulfill our legal obligations for bookkeeping purposes. Specifically, we maintain a record of all invoices and payments containing sufficient details to meet our legal requirements.

In instances where an individual or organization creates a trial account but does not convert it to a paid subscription, the account is not deleted unless requested by the account owner.

Scrappey has a workforce of less than 250 employees, which exempts us from maintaining records of data processing activities.

We take all reasonable measures to ensure the reliability of our personnel who have access to personal data. Scrappey has implemented appropriate technical and organizational safeguards to maintain the confidentiality and security of personal data, protecting it against accidental loss, unlawful destruction, alteration, disclosure, or unauthorized access.

Our primary hosting provider is Digital Ocean, a cloud hosting service. We conduct regular audits to ensure compliance with recommended security guidelines on Digital Ocean for data protection.

Data Collection

On Our Public Website ("Marketing Site")

Our website uses Google Analytics to collect anonymized data to help us understand how the site is being utilized. Please refer to Google's Privacy Compliance Policy for more information.

Videos available on our website are hosted on YouTube. Please consult Google's Privacy Policy for YouTube for details.

On Our Web Application (the "Scrappey Service")

When you create an account on Scrappey, we store your HTTP referrer for internal data analysis purposes only. This information is stored in our database hosted on Digital Ocean and is not shared with other services.

Transactional Emails

We utilize the email delivery service provided by HubSpot, Inc., called HubSpot, to send transactional emails to registered users of Scrappey. Please review HubSpot's Privacy Policy for more information.

Financial Transaction Information

If you become a paying customer, you will be required to provide valid billing information to us and our payment partner, Stripe. We will have access to your name, billing address, email address, and VAT number (if provided). However, we cannot access your credit card number. Please refer to Stripe's privacy policy for further details.

As is customary for any business, we share transactional data with our accountants and relevant tax authorities when paying VAT and filing our annual tax return.

Data Processing Agreement

By becoming a customer of our service, you implicitly accept our Data Processing Agreement, unless otherwise explicitly agreed upon in writing.

For further information about Scrappey and the GDPR, please contact us at [email protected].